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All scouts and their families are invited to attend a one day workshop where scouts can earn their Coin Collecting Merit Badge during each show. Check Upcoming Events (above) for schedule. This popular badge clinic is taught by Patti Finner, former American Numismatic Association vice president. This exciting interactive class will not only give the Boy Scouts a chance to earn the merit badge, but will include opportunities for Wolf Scouts to complete requirement #6 (Start a Collection) for the Wolf Badge, Bear Scouts to complete requirement #10 B (Visit a Coin Show). In addition, Ms. Finner will offer several free gifts to scouts and their families to encourage their pursuit of Coin Collecting as a hobby. All are welcome to attend. “This is a great program for our kids, so let’s show our support of these fine people with our help and encourage them to continue offering this to our children in the future!” Patti Finner, Former American Numismatic Association vice president
Cost: Free to scouts in Class A uniform. Time: Check-in starts at 9:00 am on Saturday and the class will begin 30 minutes later. Class will last from 2 ½ to 3 hours. Registration deadline is one week before the workshop date. RegistrationA roster of all scouts, leaders and families who will be attending along with the unit number is requested NO LATER THAN ONE WEEK BEFORE THE CLINIC to be sent to Scouts may also register at the show. Volunteers: Adult Volunteers are needed for help with registration.  Ms. Finner is looking for help from people that morning to help during the check-in. If you are interested in helping and don’t mind arriving early, please email Ms. Finner to let her know you can help. Questions? Call Patti at 715-252-2003.
Read the current edition of the Coin Collecting Merit Badge book. All scouts must bring five different quarters from the 50 States Quarter program (the quarters do not have to be of the same year). Scouts must also bring a set of currently circulating coins (1 cent, nickel, dime, quarter, half dollar and dollar coin). Scouts must bring a date set of a single type since the year of their birth (a set of one type of coin (pennies, nickels, quarters, etc.) from each year since the scout’s birth. They should be arranged neatly in some type of display). If a scout does not have all the coins above required in the prerequisites, they may purchase the half-dollar and dollar coins required for the badge at cost (no markup) from Ms. Finner during the workshop.
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